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Oh my God JC, a bomb!

Quest version maybe ?


Sans has been planted


im not sure which one of these i tried, there are two in the store but sitting down with an oculus rift everything was off, the chicks head kept glitching and I had to stand up to touch anything and it was all very janky and couldnt throw things very well. also once you pick up the sword you cant switch hands so i was stuck in left hand so that wasnt very fun. good concept i guess for a starter. I always love seeing furry stuff since its rarer than hens teeth to see good furry like models at all in stuff due to peoples needless hate on it.

The physics are slightly off which ruins the hoops game and the bottle game and there isn't enough time to fairly complete each minigame. Giving 1 minute and 30 seconds should be enough time to complete these but we are only given 30 seconds on easy and 40 on hard. The (hard) shooter game is nearly impossible because the targets seem to move out of the way of your bullets. The targets should move in a uniform line otherwise it is impossible to predict the target's trajectory. The game is a good concept but it needs some tweaks to make it just that bit better.

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Thanks for your advise!  We made this game at school with VIVE controllers, did lots of testing and seems ok for some mini games, however when we tried Rift controllers the  physics felt different and  hard to throw balls, we tried to fix it but not there yet.


Furry bait basicly


Pretty much